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Arshi Ali

Arshi Ali

Greetings! I am Arshi Ali, an avid enthusiast of astronomy and astrophysics. I have a deep passion for understanding how supermassive black holes influence the formation and evolution of galaxies. My research primarily focuses on Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), with particular interest in their dynamics, feedback mechanisms, inflows and outflows, as well as jet-ISM interaction.

I completed my MSc in Physics from Savitribai Phule Pune University and my Bachelor's degree in Physics from Fergusson College, Pune. During my time at Fergusson College, I was an active member of the Astro Club, where I coordinated various activities, including organizing national-level student seminars, conducting basic astronomy workshops, and setting up interesting exhibitions.

Currently, I am working on a research project under the supervision of Dr. Biny Sebastian. We are studying jet feedback in a unique galaxy called NGC 5972, also known as a "Voorwerp" galaxy, analyzing data from VLT MUSE. Additionally, I am actively working with Dr. Anupreeta More at IUCAA, Pune, as an extension of my Masters thesis titled "Probing Cosmology: Gravitational Lensing and Precision with GW+EM Lensed Signal." We aim to employ gravitational lensing techniques to constrain the Hubble constant value. I have experience in programming languages like Python and Fortran, and I am familiar with astronomy software such as DS9, Qfitsview, GIST, pPXF, CASA, and TOPCAT.

Beyond academia, my hobbies are sketching, playing the keyboard, baking, and playing badminton. Feel free to look around and ask me anything you are curious about or if you want to work together on something.

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